About BreakpointWhy did you come here?

Breakpoint is a way to share and receive feedback on your side projects and startups. Follow your favorite creators to watch what they launch next.

Getting valuable feedback from others like you can be difficult. Not only is feedback helpful, but also informing others of your projects. Breakpoint is a great way to show off what you've built and created. We want to help your projects get noticed and have valuable feedback provided by the Breakpoint community.


Breakpoint is powered by Python using the Django Framework. Postgres is used as the primary datastore. Redis helps keep track of a few statisics. Memcached is used for... caching. RabbitMQ is used for message queueing. Celery is used for backend tasks such as email, image resizing/uploading, and anything else we want to throw at it.

The body font is Alegreya. Montserrat is used for headings and limited body text. Webfonts are served using Google Web Fonts.

Created By

Drew Tempelmeyer

Kenneth Love